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Benefits of PureAquaMins® - The Essence of Life: Pure Water and Essential Trace Minerals.  Now you can drink pure, mineral enriched water.  Add 5 drops to 8oz. of water:

  • Hydrates Your Cells 8 Times Greater Than any other Liquid

  • Enriches Your Body With Essential Trace Minerals 

  • Helps Remove: Chlorine, Fluoride, Anaerobic Bacteria,

    Viruses, Protozoa, Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, 

    Heavy Metals such as Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, VOC's,

    THM's, Turbidity.

    The Mineral Salts in P.A.M. Purify Water by: Raised ORP (oxidation reduction potential) Flocculationion, Agglunation, Deposition.


Ingredients:  PureAquaMins® is an all-natural solution of highly   concentrated minerals extracted from volcanic formations in the

form of trace minerals.

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