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American Dream Nutrition - The Company 

Over 20 Years of Experience Developing World Class Nutritional Products and Providing Premier Live Customer Support To Our Affiliates

American Dream Is About People Helping People  

*Live Office Support: Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm (Central Time)

*24/7 Toll Free Support Line - 365 days a year 

What sets American Dream apart and makes A.D.N.

a great company:

  • Leadership that understands our industry

  • World Class, Exclusive  products that people want and benefit from

  • A Pay Plan that offers both short-term and long-term income for the masses

  • Training that includes a simple duplicatable “system”

  • Rewards and recognition

At American Dream, We’re Passionate About Helping People Live the Life They Deserve: 

American Dream is a company founded on Christian principles and values.  We are committed to stand alone as far as the quality of our products, the exciting income potential our compensation plan offers, and we especially pride ourselves on our “we care about you” customer service policy.

American Dream’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to change and improve peoples lives through our two-part formula for success. Part one is enhanced health through supplementation. Our exclusive, patented and clinically tested products deliver the results people are looking for. Part two is by offering a better way of life through our powerful and rewarding compensation plan, and, by giving back through our many charitable initiatives.  Your product purchase makes a difference in so many lives.

American Dream’s Manufacturing

We have teamed up with several world renowned Doctors, Bio-chemists, Formulators and Manufacturers combining decades of high level experience to produce our products.  Our manufacturing facilities are FDA registered and operate under the strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  Our manufacturers are some of the largest in the world and we can literally produce millions of bottles a month without blinking an eye.

Our Quality Control: 

Our facilities have full capabilities to provide Micro-Biological testing, PH testing, percentage of moisture testing, and brix testing, all to provide the optimum quality control to insure the absolute highest quality products, period!


Our Products

We are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, extensive research and science based formulas. American Dream manufactures and distributes safe, effective and innovative products with a perfect blend of science and nature. We incorporate the very latest and most effective science and technology for health and wellness in all of our products.

The American Dream Leadership and Advisory Board Team:

Our team of Innovators in the fields of health, wellness, nutrition, and the network marketing industry for decades provides everyone involved with the best of the best as far as products and opportunity.

Greg Gunderson, M.L.M. Consultant. Greg has been an entrepreneur since he started his first business as a teenager. Greg is a successful toy inventor, he developed his own ice cream products that were sold in grocery chains and convenience  stores, he is a real estate investor, a franchise investor, an author, trainer and motivational speaker.  Greg has been in the network marketing industry as a top professional for over 25 years, both as a successful distributor and an owner of multiple successful M.L.M. companies. Greg has also been a product development specialist for decades.  Greg has developed some of the most successful online and offline marketing systems the industry has ever seen.    


Steven Gunderson, Entrepreneur, pilot, accounting specialist.  After attending Sam Walton Business college at the University of Arkansas, Steven achieved his pilots license for high performance aircraft. Steven brings his accounting and numbers expertise to the A.D.N. team.   


Dr. James Jensen, M.D., Dr. Jensen has decades of product development expertise.  Dr. Jensen has an extensive medical research background with experience related to nutritional supplements.  

Patricia Gunderson, is a graduate if the University of the Philippines.  Patricia is the office and customer service support team manager.  Patricia supports and works directly with ADN's customer support staff.     

David Knappert, certified Microsoft Technician.  David supports the day to day operations of ADN's shipping systems, office communications, hardware and software applications.    


American Dream's Research Team:  For privacy, property rights and patented ingredients protection we do not list our Chemists or our Labs.     


Field Leaders

Doug Seaton, Master Distributor brings several decades of M.L.M. experience to our American Dream team.  Doug supports and works with many of our leaders across the country to support their efforts in building their teams. 


Randy Hewitt, National Director with American Dream has a long track record spanning several decades, bringing his knowledge and support to our ADN team.    


Ken Budd, National Director with American Dream has been a network marketing leader and professional with a long history of building teams and success.  Ken supports ADN teams across the country.


American Dream is transforming lives through ultra-premium science based products, a strong, charitable commitment and a generous compensation plan that helps YOU win. Our products and opportunity can help you become healthier and happier. If you have a heart for helping people, American Dream may just be the right opportunity for you.

This is why so many people are making the American Dream Nutrition decision:

  • We have great products people WANT…

  • We have the comp plan that can help virtually anyone fulfill their dreams …

  • We have the leadership that has already been there, done that and is willing to teach YOU how to do what it takes to become successful …

American Dream’s “LIVE” Call Schedule:

“Live” Product and Business Overview Calls:

Every Tuesday & Thursday – Product and Opportunity Overview Calls 15 to 20 minutes long:
Evening Calls at:
9 PM (Eastern Time)

8 PM (Central Time)

7 PM (Mountain Time)
6 PM (Pacific Time)

The number to dial for all calls is: 1-781-448-0243 no pin code needed


“Live” Weekly Saturday Training Calls:

Every Saturday - Live Training Call 20 to 30 minutes long:
Saturday Calls at:
12 noon (Eastern Time)

11 AM (Central Time)
10 AM (Mountain Time)
9 AM (Pacific Time) 

The number to dial for all calls is: 1-781-448-0243 no pin code needed




SMG, Inc., American Dream Nutrition, LLC. 2021 All rights reserved. No income claims or guarantees are made or implied. Individual results and incomes are determined by each person's efforts to build and promote their business.  *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Take as directed and always consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before taking any supplements.

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